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Featured Story


Talking about Sin

     Today on “Our Daily Bread”, host Fr. Paul D. Seil, pastor of St. Bernadette Parish in Orchard  Park, NY will be talking about sin. “Basically sin is an offense against God, against our sisters and brothers. It’s ultimately an offense against charity, against love. Because God is love, and we are offending love, then we are offending God. But we have to remember that even when we sin, God does not turn away from us, and He never withholds His love from us.” explains Fr. Paul.

     “Sin is an interesting topic and I think it’s an issue that is very often confused, so I am happy to be talking about this and hopefully shedding some light on this topic that affects all of us,” continues Fr. Paul. “Sin can be something we ‘do’ but it can also be something we ‘fail’ to do; for example, when we don’t act with love for others we are not ‘committing’ a sin, we are neglecting to do our best as followers of Christ.”

     To learn more about sin and reconciliation, tune in to “Our Daily Bread” Saturday, June 9th at 6:30 a.m. and Noon on WKBW-TV Channel 7. Fr. Paul will be preparing: Cinnamon Popcorn, a Risen Pancake and Chocolate Soufflé. All the day’s recipes can be found at Please subscribe to the Daybreak TV Production YouTube Channel, where entire “Our Daily Bread” shows can be viewed. Also remember to “like” us on Facebook @Daybreak TV Productions and on Instagram @ daybreak716.