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Published on Thursday, January 5, 2017

“in a WORD w/Fr. Dave"

“in a WORD w/Fr. Dave"

“in a WORD w/Fr. Dave” is a YouTube Video produced as a teaching tool for youth ages 13 – 19. In these short videos, Fr. Dave delivers a solid Catholic message with fast moving in your face camera work, accompanied by an edgy editing style.
Fr. David Richards, Parochial Vicar at Queen of Heaven Parish in West Seneca, NY, is the host of “in a WORD w/Fr. Dave”. His up-beat delivery draws you in as you listen to his powerful reflections. A few topics Fr. Dave talks about are: Body Image, The Future, Detachment from Sin, Loss, Saints, and Peace.
“I’m blessed to have this opportunity to remind young people that no matter what they are going through someone understands them and is willing and trying to walk this journey with them,” states Fr. Dave. “I remember being a teen, and it could be tough. If sharing faith through these videos helps them out, I’m all about it. God is so good and if I can share that with people, teens especially and bring them to Him in some way – I’m in. The Church is alive and well in our youth, hopefully this can bring them some encouragement.”
Betsy Amico, Director of Youth Ministry at Queen of Heaven Parish works closely with Fr. Dave and has been his consultant on many video production shoots. “Teens are seeking truth, and Fr Dave’s genuine desire to speak truth, in love, combined with his playful, childlike attitude make him relatable. I hope teens who watch these videos will see that there is true joy to be had by following God’s plan and being open to the Holy Spirit.”

Daybreak ‘s own Ashley Czarnota, is the videographer and editor of “in a WORD w/Fr. Dave.” “Fr. Dave is truly a mentor for our youth,” she declares. “When we are out on a shoot, it’s apparent how strongly he cares about teaching our Catholic faith to young people, and he does it in a fun, fast and interesting way. When I’m editing, listening to his words, and watching his upbeat delivery, it inspires me to try different techniques and to visually keep up with his energy.”
These inspirational/teachable reflections will be located on the Daybreak TV Production YouTube Channel and will be distributed through Daybreak TV Productions Facebook and Twitter page.

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